FILE - Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon

(The Center Square) – President Joe Biden’s executive order banning new oil and gas leases on federal lands will have a devastating impact on the state of Wyoming's budget and industry workers in the state, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon said Monday.

"Losing that revenue is devastating to our schools, devastating to our communities, devastating to those small businesses that really depend on the energy sector," Gordon said in an interview "Fox & Friends."

In a January news release anticipating Biden's actions, Gordon said the state must defend itself against the "misguided actions" of others who seek to harm the energy industry.

“No matter what comes next, we must stay focused on both defending and promoting our energy industry,” he said. “We can’t – and won’t – let the misguided actions of special interests and federal agencies rob our future.”

Gordon also signed an executive action that directs state agencies to determine the financial impacts of Biden's orders on the state.

"This Biden ban really has a devastating effect, not just for Wyoming," Gordon told Fox. "It’s bipartisan in its devastation."