FILE - Wisconsin State Supreme Court

Wisconsin State Supreme Court courtroom in the Wisconsin State Capitol

(The Center Square) – The fight over Wisconsin's voter rolls is now on a November time table. 

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty on Tuesday filed a petition to review the case with the Wisconsin Supreme Court. 

“This is a critical matter for our state. Wisconsin voters deserve to have confidence in the integrity of this year’s elections," WILL's Rick Essenberg said. "We hope the Supreme Court agrees to review this case and provide clarity on the actions of the Wisconsin Elections Commission.”

WILL first sued back in November 2019 to force the Wisconsin Election Commission to clean up the state's voter rolls. At the time, more than 200,000 voters who had moved or never answered questions about their addresses would have been impacted. 

A state appeals court from Madison last month stepped in and stayed the case. 

WILL wants the Supreme Court to take it up, but not right away. 

WILL's filing asks the justices to decide the case before the November election, not the primary election next month. 

"Plaintiffs do not ask that this Court act prior to the April election. There is simply not enough time for that," WILL's request states. "But the Plaintiffs do respectfully request that this Court expedite its review of this Petition, and if granted, issue an expedited schedule for briefing and oral argument."

WILL said the deadline for ballots in November is late June. They also say that the WEC needs three business days to scrub the voter rolls. That would mean the court would have to issue a ruling by not later than June 19. 

"In light of the election schedule, the Plaintiffs respectfully request that this Court expedite review of this Petition, and if granted, handle this appeal on an expedited basis that allows for a decision within these time constraints," WILL's filing said. 

If that timeline holds, it could mean that Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly could weigh in on the case. Kelly recused himself from it earlier this year because he is on the April ballot.