FILE - Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers

Wisconsin's governor is issuing another order to get tougher on "forever" chemical pollution. 

Gov. Tony Evers on Tuesday ordered the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to expand testing for perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, commonly referred to as PFAS chemicals. 

"I’m proud that my cabinet is working with communities, citizens and businesses to address PFAS contamination across our state," Evers said. 

PFAS chemicals are found in everything from non-stick cookware to firefighting foam. That foam is really good at putting out jet fuel fires. 

Wisconsin is one of several states that are stepping up their push to find and clean PFAS pollution. 

Evers last week signed an executive order that creates a registry for PFAS pollution and orders DNR to test fish and wildlife in the state to see if they are contaminated. Earlier this summer, he ordered local water system managers across the state to test for PFAS pollution in their water supplies. 

“Everyone should have access to clean drinking water, and Wisconsinites should be able to trust the water coming out of their tap,” Evers said. 

The governor's tough stance on PFAS pollution is thrilling environmentalists. 

Wisconsin Conservation Voters applauded Evers' executive order last week. 

"This is the latest demonstration of Gov. Evers’ commitment to addressing the water quality crisis in Wisconsin," Conservation Voters Executive Director Kerry Schumann said. "PFAS are a dangerous pollutant. This order will shine a light on this emerging threat, and give communities important resources to address it."

Evers is also suggesting that DNR rewrite state rules to set new standards for surface water quality, groundwater quality and drinking water standards for public water supplies across the entire state. 

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