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In this July 13, 2015, file photo, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's son Alex, left, listens to his brother Matt. The former governor tells WISN-TV in an interview recorded Friday that his son Matt is interested in the seat being vacated by retiring Republican U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner.

It's a game that Republicans in Wisconsin may have to play for a little while: Who's running for Congress. 

Former Gov. Scott Walker made headlines when he announced his son, Matt, is looking to possibly run for Jim Sensenbrenner's old seat on WISN TV's Adrienne Pedersen's show UpFront. 

"People his age, he would argue really are more libertarian than liberal. They want the government out of the way, they particularly want the federal government not to be in their business," the former governor said in an interview that aired Sunday. "That's really the counter to what AOC [a reference to New York Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] is talking about, and I think that's something that would play well in the 5th [congressional district.]"  

Matt Walker expanded on his idea of less government in a Facebook post on Saturday. 

"I am exploring this potential campaign because there are plenty of Republicans, myself included, that will stand for lower taxes and higher standards, yet I am uniquely positioned to provide a fresh perspective on the 21st-century problems facing our nation," the younger Walker wrote. "Our country needs leaders that understand the transformative impact of technology on our culture, businesses and government. Social media and giant tech are critical to our public discourse but require new solutions to combat disinformation and extremism. Our regulation of businesses and trade must continue to be modernized to advance an ever-expanding digital economy. Now is the time for our government institutions to embrace technology to better serve constituents."

Walker is the latest big name to step into the conversation about running for Sensenbrenner's seat. 

Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said he is "seriously weighing" a run.  Former state Senator, and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Leah Vukmir is also interested in the seat. 

One Republican who is not running is Brookfield Republican State Sen. Dale Kooyenga. He made it clear on Monday that he will not be a candidate. 

"The strength of our Republic does not flow from Washington D.C., but instead is rooted in families, local communities and ground-up leadership," Kooyenga said. "I believe I can best serve my country by continuing to represent my district and conservative principles in the Wisconsin State Senate."

For his part, Sensenbrenner is not picking a preferred candidate. He said he will allow Republican Party organizers to pledge their support as they see fit, and is leaving his replacement up to voters of the Fifth District. 

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