Wisconsin Election Hearing

Lawmakers meet in Madison for a hearing into election integrity. 

(The Center Square) – The head of the Wisconsin Assembly’s election integrity hearings says she’s impressed with what she saw during Arizona's audit of the 2020 presidential election.

Rep. Janel Brandtjen, R-Menomonee Falls, told The Center Square she saw a lot and learned a lot while in Phoenix over the weekend. Some of the things, she said, Wisconsin could borrow if there’s ever a ballot review here.

“Remember Wisconsin currently has an audit going,” Brandtjen said.

She led five other Wisconsin Republicans to observe Maricopa County’s ballot review on Saturday.

“It’s an audit. It’s a very exact process,” Brandtjen said. “It’s a very sophisticated process.”

Democrats at the Wisconsin Capitol accused Brandtjen of chasing “tin foil hat” conspiracy theories.

Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-West Point, last week called Brandtjen and the other Republicans "paranoid nuts."

Brandtjen said no one was there to try and prove Donald Trump really won the 2020 election. Instead, she said the group went to see how Arizona was handling questionable ballots and questions about the election process.

“The reason we went is because of the kinds of concerns in Milwaukee and Green Bay, about Center for Tech and Civic Life money,” Brandtjen explained. “[They] were using third party money to advertise through a government agency. We had stuff that, honestly, shouldn’t be a part of the 2022 election.”

Brandtjen has been leading hearings at the State Capitol in Madison since January into the mechanics of last year’s elections.

“We’ll be having more hearings about getting to the bottom of all of this information. This has been a slow process,” Brandtjen explained. “People are going to have to decide, do you want fast or do you want accurate.”

Brandtjen’s Assembly committee is just part of the review into Wisconsin’s elections from last year. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos last month hired former police investigators to lead a separate investigation into claims of voter fraud or malfeasance. Vos’ investigation has only just begun.