Gov Tony Evers 8-4

Gov. Tony Evers speaks with reporters during his coronavirus update on Aug. 4, 2020.

(The Center Square) – The latest snapshot from Wisconsin voters doesn’t hold much good news for Democrats in the state.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty released results of its latest poll that shows Gov. Tony Evers’ job performance rating has fallen 2 percentage points from August, and is now under 50%.

The poll from Rasumussen shows 48% of Wisconsin voters approve of the governor’s performance, while 47% disapprove.

“It may not be one single issue driving down Governor Evers numbers, but we do know he and his administration have seen their lockdown orders knocked down by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, people waiting for months to receive unemployment benefits, a slow response to violence in Kenosha, rigid opposition to popular school choice programs, and resistance to a host of common-sense reforms,” WILL Research Director Will Flanders told The Center Square.

The survey contacted 1,000 Wisconsin registered voters commissioned by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty. The survey was conducted using a mixed mode approach from August 22-28, 2021. Most respondents were contacted online or via text while 225 were contacted using automated phone polling techniques.

The new poll is a departure from the latest Marquette University Law School Poll back in August that showed Gov. Evers with a 50% job arrival rating.

Some of Evers’ fall may be tied to the shifting view on President Joe Biden.

The poll shows just 47% of those asked approve of the president’s performance, while 51% do not like the job he’s doing.

“Politics has absolutely become more nationalized in recent years, and the popularity of the president plays a big role in the popularity of those in the same party at the lower level,” Flanders said. “In the wake of the Afghanistan disaster, President Biden's approval ratings have seen a substantial drop across the country, and that doubtless has contributed to Evers' numbers.”

The poll also asked about election integrity and ballot security, issues which the overwhelming majority of Wisconsin voters seem to support.

The poll found:

  • 84% of voters support requiring voters to show photo ID before voting.
  • 69% of voters favor a uniform statewide requirement for people voting by mail to provide a copy of a photo ID with their ballot.
  • 65% of voters support a proposal that would make it unlawful for political activists to collect ballots from other people and deliver them to an election office, a practice commonly referred to as "ballot harvesting" or '"ballot trafficking."
  • 87% of voters favor a requirement for every election clerk to use the same standards for correcting errors on absentee ballots.

Gov. Evers vetoed legislation that would have outlawed ballot harvesting while cracking down on outside political activists and requiring voter ID for people who don’t vote in person. Democratic lawmakers in the state said the election reforms were essentially racist.