UW Health vaccine

Tina Schubert became the first UW Health employee to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in mid-December. 

(The Center Square) – Wisconsin has hit a new milestone in the state's COVID-19 vaccination effort.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services on Thursday reported nearly 75% of people 65 and older are now fully vaccinated against the virus. That comes to a little more than 760,000.

DHS’ latest numbers show nearly 43% of people in the state have gotten one dose of the vaccine. DHS says 33% have gotten both doses.

There is a gap when it comes to who is getting the vaccine.

DHS notes that most people who are vaccinated are white women.

The numbers show 40% of people who’ve gotten one dose are white, compared to 36% of Asians, 26% of Native Americans, and just 19% of Blacks.

DHS says 46% of people who’ve gotten one shot are women, while 38% are male. Some people didn’t offer a gender.

The numbers come as the Department of Health Services updated its vaccine spoilage report. The state says doctors and nurses across Wisconsin have thrown out 4,500 vaccine doses.

While 4,500 doses may sound like a lot, it’s actually about one-tenth of one-percent of the more than four million doses handed-out since December.