(The Center Square) – There continue to be questions about more than $100 million in coronavirus stimulus money that Wisconsin spent on broadband internet expansion.

Sen. Eric Wimberger, R-Green Bay, on Wednesday questioned the state’s Public Service Commission about last September’s audit that stated there was almost no tracking of what was spent, what work was done, or if the new internet access even worked.

“One of the things that is kind of hidden throughout this, is an ongoing theme that we’re seeing with federal funds. The last audit hearing we had was with the Department of Administration, and what we learned there is that there are no records in particular regarding the distribution of funds, and how those things are chosen,” Wimberger explained. “The governor’s office, apparently on a series of phone calls or discussions, was handing out hundreds of millions of dollars to particular departments without a record to explain why.”

The November audit looked at $5 million in broadband grants from the PSC. Auditors found no documentation for $4.9 million of that money.

“There’s no evidence of wrongdoing, yet,” Wimberger told reporters. “People say where there’s smoke there’s fire. I don’t necessarily  agree with that because I’ve been camping in the rain. But when there is smoke something is definitely hot.”

The audit suggested eight things for the PSC to do in regards to the broadband grant program. It’s not clear if any of them have been done.

Rep. Bob Wittke, R-Racine, said lawmakers and taxpayers need to know the PSC is being responsible with the broadband program, because there is a lot more money earmarked for internet access across the state.

There’s about $149 million in state grants that have yet to be looked at, Wittke said. “Secondly there are two additional programs that the Feds are going to roll out.”

Witkke says there are also technical questions about just how much fiber optic line has been laid, and whether that line is actually connected to homes and serving customers.