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(The Center Square) – As gasoline prices are trending down globally and nationally, the average cost for a gallon of gas in West Virginia is slightly less than $4.27, which is the lowest in months, but still higher than the national average.

According to numbers from AAA, the average gallon of gas sits at $4.269 in the state as of Wednesday, which is 3 cents lower than Tuesday and nearly 15 cents lower than a week ago. It’s more than 50 cents lower than it was a month ago when the average gallon of gas cost nearly $4.79. However, it is still higher than prices from one year ago when it cost slightly more than $3.03 on average.

The cost of gas in West Virginia is slightly more than 10 cents higher than the national average, which is just over $4.16. The state’s gasoline tax is more than 33 cents per gallon, which is slightly higher than the national average.

Some counties are paying more than others. In nearly a dozen counties, drivers are paying more than $4.47 for a gallon of gas, which includes Braxton, Clay, Wood, Jackson and Tucker. A few counties are paying less than $4 per gallon on average: McDowell, Marshall, Ohio, Brooke and Hancock.

For a gallon of diesel, West Virginians pay about $5.48 on average, which has also trended lower. It was about $5.51 yesterday, nearly $5.65 one week ago and nearly $5.93 one month ago. Last year at this time, a gallon of diesel cost about $3.25.

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Tyler Arnold reports on Virginia and West Virginia for The Center Square. He previously worked for the Cause of Action Institute and has been published in Business Insider, USA TODAY College, National Review Online and the Washington Free Beacon.