FILE - Virginia Beach boardwalk

Virginia Beach boardwalk

Virginia Beach's city manager stepped down from his position this week after he was criticized for his handling of the aftermath of the Virginia Beach mass shooting that left 12 people dead.

After the shooting by a city employee, Hansen said that the shooter’s work for the city had been satisfactory. Multiple family members of the victims of the shooting also claimed that he had treated them poorly and failed to disclose information to them, according to several reports.

According to the Virginian-Pilot, an anonymous source said that Hansen told the council in a closed-door meeting that the “council didn’t have my back, and I can’t work underneath that.”

In his resignation letter, Hansen was less specific.

“Today, we find ourselves in difficult times,” Hansen said. “It is during these times that we must rally in support of each other so as to overcome the hardships we face. Our most recent tragedy will take all our energy, strength and patience so we can walk the long path of recovery ahead. You define your destiny. You determine your work environment. You are accountable for your own actions. I don't believe in pointing fingers, I believe in rolling up our sleeves and figuring out how to solve our challenges. I encourage you to do the same.”

The city’s mayor, Robert Dyer, thanked Hansen for his job as the city manager in a news release.

"Dave deserves tremendous credit for all he has accomplished during his tenure with the city,” Dyer said. "His focus on building our solid infrastructure to rallying the city to support the incredibly successful Something in the Water, Dave has achieved more in the last three and a half years than many managers accomplish in their entire careers. I want to personally thank him for his service and dedication and wish him a well-earned retirement."

The council is expected to choose an interim city manager next Tuesday, Sept. 3.

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