Solar farm

Solar farm

(The Center Square) – Two pieces of legislation that affect green energy policy in Virginia passed the Senate and House of Delegates and are headed to Gov. Ralph Northam’s desk for his signature.

House Bill 2269, sponsored by Del. Steve Heretick, D-Portsmouth, allows localities to assess a revenue share of energy storage systems. Localities would be able to assess up to $1,400 per megawatt of energy. It increases the maximum amount of revenue share a utility can impose by 10% beginning July 1, 2026 and every five years after. The revenue share could only be imposed on energy systems whose applications have been filed with the locality July 1, 2021 or later.

The legislation would have no impact on state finances and would not affect state revenue, but it would have local administrative costs and would affect local revenues. It passed the Senate 37-1 on Thursday after passing the House 91-8.

House Bill 1907, sponsored by Del. Rip Sullivan, D-Fairfax, would exempt some people who buy renewable energy from Dominion Energy Virginia from costs related to procurement of new solar or onshore wind generation capacity, energy, environmental attributes or energy storage facilities. The cost exemption would come from Dominion. There would be no fiscal impact on the state.

This passed the Senate 38-1 on Thursday after passing the House 73-25.

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