FILE - Virginia State Capitol (House of Representatives)

The House of Representatives chamber in the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond, Virginia.

The Virginia Board of Elections decided in a meeting Tuesday that incumbent Virginia Del. Nick Freitas, R-Culpeper, will not be on the ballot for his re-election bid this November after missing two filing deadlines.

Freitas requested an extension from the board, which was denied. John O’Bannon, the only Republican member of the board, motioned to have his name placed on the ballot so that the Republicans could have a nominee for the 30th District, but neither of the other two board members, who are Democrats, seconded the motion.

Democrat Ann Ridgeway will be the only candidate on the ballot for the district, which is usually a Republican stronghold. Freitas has publicly stated that he will mount a write-in campaign to hold onto his seat.

The board had granted extensions to two other candidates this year, one Republican and one Democrat, but those candidates had only been late on one form. Because Freitas was late on two forms, he was not given the same leniency. Frietas has accused the Democrat-led board of making arbitrary and biased decisions.

Currently, Republicans have a slim 51-49 majority in the House of Delegates, which makes every race vital. Republicans will be facing an uphill battle to maintain their majority because of the risk of losing Freitas’s seat as well as several Republican seats that were pushed into Democrat-majority districts through a court-ordered redrawing of the district lines.

Democrats picked up 15 House seats in 2017.

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