Mitt Romney

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah

(The Center Square) – U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney was among 18 Republican senators who voted for the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill that’s set to be signed into law by President Joe Biden.

The Senate earlier this month passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023, which is made up of 12 appropriations bills. President Joe Biden has said he will sign the bill into law once it gets to the White House. 

Romney said he voted to pass the spending bill because it includes measures that will benefit the state of Utah. 

“$1.7 trillion is an enormous amount of money,” Romney said in a statement. “It pays for our servicemen and women, our veterans, our social safety net programs—in fact, it pays for the work of the entire federal government. I wish the number were smaller, but I am convinced that if we were to reject this budget and kick the can down the road until next year, we would end up having to spend even more.”

Romney said that passing the bill means water projects benefiting the state will receive $23 million and wildfire management efforts will get $1 billion in funding. 

For health care, the omnibus bill includes postponement of cuts to Medicare and extensions to Medicare programs for rural hospitals in the state, the senator’s office pointed out. 

“Importantly, this legislation funds the national defense bill we recently passed to protect our country against threats from China and Russia, modernize our defense capabilities, and support our troops,” Romney said

The senator noted that while the bill “contains spending and programs I don’t like,” he hopes the next Congress will change its process to “allow for individual appropriations bills to be voted on in regular order, instead of being combined into large catch-all bills which force us to vote for the bad to get the good.”