FILE - Dairy farm cows

A farmer from North Texas walked the halls of Congress last week to call for the passage of the Trump administration’s preliminary trade deal with China.

Clint Rutledge would normally be keeping tabs on his harvest, but the member of the Texas Bureau State Young Farmer and Rancher Advisory Committee thought getting a new trade deal was important enough to leave the farm.

In Washington, D.C., Rutledge spoke to lawmakers and urged them to adopt a trade pact with China and other trade deals across the globe. American farmers, including Rutledge himself, say the deals could help them immensely.

“Everybody says it’s a job, but I don’t call it a job. It’s a way of life,” Rutledge told

Bloomberg News reported Wednesday that China would by at least $20 billion of U.S. farms goods in year one if the deal is signed by both sides, and $40 billion to $50 billon in future years.

"The deal with China is coming along very well," President Donald Trump said Tuesday. "They want to make a deal because they sort of have to make a deal. ... They have to make a deal because their supply chain is going down the tubes."

Texas’s Congressional delegation also appeared on board with providing farmers nationwide with assistance in light of the current trade tensions between the world’s two largest economies.

A statement from U.S. Sen. John Cornyn’s office said that the meetings with farmers will give Cornyn a better picture as to how to address the issue while Sen. Ted Cruz expressed hope that the U.S. will reach a good deal with China.