FILE - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, right, gives his State of the State Address as Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, left, listens in the House Chamber, in Austin, Texas, in this February 2019 file photo. 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott praised President Donald Trump's State of the Union address, saying the president presented a plan where all Americans can thrive.

“Tonight, President Trump laid out a clear and compelling vision for our nation – one where all Americans have access to even greater opportunity and shared prosperity," Abbott said in a prepared statement.

Abbott also praised Trump's first term in office.

"Through the first three years of his presidency, President Trump has kept his promises to protect America’s national security, make our communities safer, and build an economy that lifts up every American," the governor said. "From slashing taxes and regulations to securing trade deals like the USMCA, this administration continues to usher in incredible economic growth and opportunity for American workers."

Texas particularly benefit from Trump's policies, he added.

"Nowhere is this success more apparent than in Texas where the President’s commonsense economic policies, combined with the Texas economic model, have elevated the Lone Star State to extraordinary new heights," Abbott continued. "I thank the President for his leadership and look forward to working with his administration to continue to grow the economy and ensure a brighter future for every Texan.”

Texas Democrats weren't as generous.

"Honestly, the greatest threat to our security is a president and a Republican-controlled Senate that act only in their own interest," Texas U.S. Rep. Veronica Escobar said during a Spanish-language response to the State of the Union.

Escobar also referenced Trump's impeachment.

"We know that the president violated his oath when he asked another country to interfere in our elections, putting the integrity of our elections and our national security at risk and later trying to cover up his wrongdoing," Escobar said.

The U.S. Senate is expected to acquit Trump of the impeachment charges later Wednesday.