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Tennessee will waive registration fees on individually-owned automobiles and motorcycles.

(The Center Square) — Tennessee is tied for the fifth-lowest gas price in the country, according to numbers from the American Automobile Association.

Tennessee’s price-per-gallon average is now $3.59, just above leader Texas ($3.53) but well below the national average of $4.03.

According to Gas Buddy, however, the average price in the U.S. dropped below $4 on Tuesday.

"We’ve never seen anything like 2022 at the pump, highlighted by once-in-a-lifetime events including the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which caused myriad imbalances, exacerbated by Russia’s war on Ukraine. As a result, we’ve seen gas prices behave in ways never witnessed before, jumping from $3 to $5 and now back to $3.99," said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy. "While the recent drop in gas prices has been most welcomed, the issues that led to skyrocketing prices aren’t completely put to bed, and still could lead prices to eventually climb back up, should something unexpected develop."

Tennessee is down from its record high of $4.64 on June 12, according to AAA.

The lowest average in a major area of the state is currently $3.36 in the Clarksville-Hopkinsville area while prices are $3.83 in Morristown and $3.77 in Knoxville.

"Oil is the primary ingredient in gasoline, so less expensive oil is helpful in taming pump prices," said AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross. "Couple that with fewer drivers fueling up, and you have a recipe for gas prices to keep easing. It’s possible that the national average will fall below $4 this week."

Gross was citing a survey that showed 64% of drivers have changed their driving habits since March due to high gas prices, including 23% making what they consider to be major changes.

Of those who made changes, 88% said that they drove less, 74% said they combined errands on a trip and 56% said that they reduced shopping or dining out.

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