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(The Center Square) – South Carolina ranked in the middle of the pack nationwide for its laws governing online privacy.

The Palmetto State scored 5.5 out of 25 points in a new analysis from Comparitech, a website focused on cyber security and online privacy. The site analyzed laws governing online privacy to determine how states ranked based on 22 key criteria.

“Scoring 5.5 out of 25, South Carolina features in the middle of a state rankings for data privacy,” Rebecca Moody, head of data research at Comparitech, told The Center Square. “Its score stems from data disposal laws which cover companies and government entities, legislation to protect K-12 student information, a shield law to protect journalists, and an insurance data security law. It also scores half a point thanks to its protections for genetic testing when it comes to insurance quotes and coverage.”

South Carolina ranked ahead of neighboring North Carolina (3) and Georgia (3.5).

Comparitech rated California as the best state for online privacy, ahead of Utah and Virginia. It rated Idaho as the worst state for online privacy, ranking just ahead of Pennsylvania and Mississippi.

“South Carolina lacks a comprehensive data protection law which would help boost its score and basic data privacy coverage for state residents,” Moody added. “At the moment, only specific areas of personal data are protected which leaves a vast proportion open to abuse and inadequate safeguards.”