What is The Center Square?

The Center Square is a newswire service and digital hub staffed by a national network of editors, reporters and correspondents. Our journalists cover statehouse, statewide and local government news as part of a public mission to educate on practical issues of civics. The Center Square reports news with a taxpayer’s sensibility, and is non-partisan and non-political. The journalism platform of the 501(c)(3) Franklin News Foundation, the content distributed through TheCenterSquare.com is made available to all other media companies and the general public at no cost.

What are The Center Square’s republication requirements?

All content published by The Center Square is property of the Franklin News Foundation, and is made available to media companies for republication at no cost to them. We have no contractual relationships with the companies that share our news. We require no obligation with regard to the number of stories that our news partners republish. Our republication requirements are simple and straightforward. They can be found here.

What news does The Center Square cover?

The Center Square reports on the activity and inactivity of federal, state and local public officials, government, initiatives and programs. The Center Square’s primary daily focus is state-focused: On matters within statehouses and across the states.

When does The Center Square publish news?

The Center Square publishes news with velocity, frequency and consistency, reporting and updating seven days a week at TheCenterSquare.com. Our stories are published throughout the daily news cycle.

Does The Center Square have a Code Of Ethics?

Yes. All associates of The Center Square are guided by our rigid and publicly available Code Of Ethics.

Who owns The Center Square?

No one person or company owns The Center Square. It is the public-facing journalism brand of a non-profit, and, therefore, a public entity. The Center Square is the journalism platform of the Franklin News Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Franklin News Foundation files an annual 990 report in compliance with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. All charitable donations to the Franklin News Foundation are tax deductible.

How can I make a donation to TheCenterSquare.com?

Donations to support the work of The Center Square can be made through the Franklin News Foundation by clicking here.

How do I contact The Center Square?

Our executives and associates are listed on The Center Square’s organizational page, and are available by phone or email. Our main number is (847) 497-5230. We welcome your feedback.

Where is The Center Square located?

The Center Square’s editors, reporters and correspondents are located across the United States. The Franklin News Foundation is headquartered in Chicago.