FILE - PA Kevin Boyle 12-6-2017

Pennsylvania state Rep. Kevin Boyle speaks Dec. 6, 2017, during a news conference in Harrisburg.

Boyle plans to introduce legislation regarding special elections

State Rep. Kevin Boyle, D-Philadelphia, says he will introduce a bill that requires elections for vacant General Assembly seats to be on the same day as primary or general elections.

Democrats say they are not happy with House Speaker Mike Turzai’s decision to hold special elections for three legislative vacancies in March and April. A special election is scheduled on Feb. 25 to fill the vacancy in Philadelphia’s 190th House District.

“Not only are these special elections a financial burden, but our counties are dealing with changes to new voting laws and voting machines,” Boyle said. “Our already overburdened county election workers should be concentrating on ensuring voters are educated on the new laws and new voting machines so they can make secure, informed decisions at the polls.”

Wolf says plan to reduce carbon pollution is working

Gov. Tom Wolf said carbon pollution in Pennsylvania is down three percent in the year since he signed an executive order that set reduction goals and established the GreenGov Council.

Wolf’s executive order goals were a 26 percent reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 and an 80 percent reduction by 2050 based on 2005 levels.

“The first year has proven that our ambitious goals are achievable to improve our energy efficiency, protect the environment and generate cost-savings,” Wolf said.

Other plans include the addition of electric or hybrid vehicles to the state’s fleet and changes in design and construction practices for state buildings.

New career and technical center approved for Adams County

The state Board of Career and Technical Education approved a new career and technical school to serve students in Adams County.

Pennsylvania has 80 career and technical institutions, and enrollment in the programs has increased. Students in the Bermudian Springs, Conewago Valley, Fairfield Area, Gettysburg Area and Littlestown Area school districts will be eligible to attend Adams Technical Institute.