FILE - PA Pennsylvania State Police 9-4-2020

Pennsylvania State troopers pull over vehicles on Friday, Sept. 4, 2020, along the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Breezewood, Pa.

(The Center Square) – A bill proposed by state Rep. Angel Cruz, D-Philadelphia, would ban police from using deceptive tactics in interrogations that can lead to false confessions.

Under state law, police officers are permitted to use interrogation practices such as presenting false information and misleading a suspect in an attempt to secure a confession or incriminating statement.

“My legislation would prohibit law enforcement officers from using deceptive interrogation tactics against any individual suspected of a crime,” Cruz said in a news release. "No innocent suspect should be pressured into confessing to a crime they didn’t commit.

The Innocence Project reported that more than 30% of wrongful convictions overturned by DNA evidence were attributed to false confessions due to deceptive interrogation tactics.

Cruz referenced Anthony Wright of Philadelphia, who was falsely convicted of rape and served a 25-year sentence after he signed a confession paper that police told him was required to be allowed to go home.