Ohio reports that outsized numbers of its skilled trade and machine laborers owe back taxes, according to an analysis by Solvable.com that examined groups of residents in each state whose tax debts deviate from the national average.

Overall, 16.4 percent of all federal levies go unpaid, according to Solvable, which provides consumers with digital platforms that link them up with companies that can help them with their tax problems. 

Nationwide, taxpayers aged 51 to 65 were found to have the highest likelihood of owing back taxes, the study concluded. And 65 percent of tax debt cases involve households earning under $75,000 annually, researchers found.

Among worker classifications, those in professional or technical fields are the most likely to carry tax debt, according to Solvable.com. These workers include pilots, undertakers, doctors, consultants, computer programmers and other technicians.

Those who earn the least tend to have tax debts, the study said. And 55 percent of those who have back taxes to pay owe more than $10,000, while just under 30 percent owe debts of $10,000 to $19,999, according to the analysis. 


Significant Tax Debt Data by State

StateGroups Making up Outsized or Low Numbers of Tax Debt Cases
AlabamaMilitary personnel, those with household income of under $40,000
AlaskaNurses, those aged 51-65
ArizonaTeachers and educators
ArkansasInsurance / underwriters
CaliforniaThose aged 51-65, real estate agents, those with household incomes below $75,000
ColoradoProfessional drivers
ConnecticutProfessional / technical and upper management and those with household incomes above $75,000
DelawareSelf-employed people, those over 65 years old
District of ColumbiaMilitary personnel
FloridaReal estate professionals
GeorgiaThose with under $75,000 in income
HawaiiThose owing more than $50,000
IdahoThose with household income of under $40,000
IllinoisThose who owe debts of $7,500 or less
IndianaSkilled trade / machine laborers
IowaThose who owe debts of $7,500 or less
KansasSelf-employed people  
KentuckyThose aged 41-50
LouisianaThose earning $40,000 or less and those under 40 years old
MaineWomen, teachers
MarylandPeople with income over $100,000
MassachusettsHouseholds with income over $100,000
MichiganSkilled trade / machine laborers, those with household incomes of $40,000 or less
MinnesotaThose making more than $40,000
MississippiThose with debts of under $7,500
MissouriTaxpayers aged 51-65 
MontanaSelf-employed people, middle management
NebraskaProfessional drivers, nurses
NevadaRetirees, those ages 66-75
New HampshireBeauty professionals, sales / marketing professionals, households earning $125,000
New JerseyHouseholds with more than $100,000 in annual income
New MexicoMilitary personnel, households making under $40,000 annually
New YorkHouseholds making $100,000 or more
North CarolinaSelf-employed people
North DakotaThose over age 50 and households making more than $125,000
OhioSkilled trade / machine laborers
OklahomaMilitary personnel
OregonSkilled trade / machine laborers and retirees
PennsylvaniaProfessional / technical positions
Rhode IslandMiddle management
South CarolinaFewer cases for debt amounts of more than $50,000
South DakotaThose over age 65 and teachers / educators
TennesseeThose making less than $40,000 and clerical / office workers
TexasTaxpayers aged 51-65
UtahBeauty professionals
VermontUpper management / executives, households making more than $75,000
VirginiaThose with incomes of more than $100,000, those over age 76
West VirginiaProfessionals in middle management
WisconsinClerical / office workers, those ages 51-65
WyomingInsurance / underwriters

Source: Solvable.com