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The Ohio Statehouse in ColumbusOhio.

Bipartisan-backed legislation that would legalize the concealed carry of switchblades and other knives for non-weapon use passed the Ohio Senate and is heading to the House.

House Majority Leader Bill Seitz, R-Cincinnati, told The Center Square that he has not yet read the legislation, but that “the wide majority by which it passed the Senate leads me to think it will be favorably considered in the House.”

The legislation passed 32-1 with just one Democrat voting against it.

A person would only be allowed to carry such a weapon in a concealed fashion if they do not intend to use it as a weapon. Some knives that would be affected by the legislation are used often by trade workers, including plumbers and electricians.

In the past, some of these workers were arrested for carrying these weapons on their person for work purposes, but such convictions were overturned in a court of appeals, according to

The bill will also remove a restriction that prohibits the sale and manufacture of brass knuckles, switchblades, gravity knives and similar weapons in Ohio. Currently, these weapons can only be manufactured and sold for police work within the state, but Ohioans are allowed to purchase them online or out of state and possess them within state lines.

The legislation, Senate Bill 133, was sponsored by Sen. Joe Uecker, R-Miami Township. He did not respond to a request for comment.

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