FILE - OH Mike DeWine 8-2-2019

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine speaks Aug. 2, 2019, during an event at the Ohio State Fair.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine is opposing an education funding idea from House Speaker Larry Householder, R-Glenford, in which the state would control a larger portion of the tax money that is collected for schools for the purpose of redistributing the funds to communities with fewer resources.

Rather, DeWine is embracing the education reform efforts proposed by Reps. Robert Cupp, R-Lima and John Patterson, D-Jefferson.

“I’m old enough that I have been through every proposal for school funding that anybody could imagine,” DeWine said in addressing Householder’s suggestion, according to “And many of them have great merit. I think we just wait. Cupp and Patterson have put a lot of work in on this, and I just think we should wait and see what they come up with.”

The reform proposed by Cupp and Patterson would create a new funding formula for education. Most schools are not funded through the current formula because lawmakers have consistently updated it to address unique circumstances, rather than overhauling the system.

Total spending on the public school system would increase by about $1.5 billion under the new plan. Districts that have low property values would receive additional funding from the state to offset its inability to cover costs through property taxes. This plan is co-sponsored by about two-thirds of the Ohio House.

Householder has not introduced any formal plans or any amendments regarding his suggestion.

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