North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger

North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger 

(The Center Square) - A measure that will limit the governor, state senators and state representatives to two 4-year terms will be on North Dakota's November ballot. 

The North Dakota Supreme Court said Secretary of State Al Jaeger misapplied the law when he tossed out 15,740 signatures on 751 petitions notarized. Jaeger invalidated 29,101 signatures, which left the organization North Dakota for Term Limits short of the 31,164 signatures needed to get the issue on the ballot. 

One of the main issues involved petitions notarized by someone identified as Zeph Toe, which Jaeger said included inconsistencies. 

"The Secretary of State’s spreadsheet of signatures notarized by Zeph Toe indicates 15,740 signatures were disqualified solely because Toe notarized those petitions and were otherwise indicated to be 'valid signatures,'" the court said in its ruling. "Setting aside the 1,043 signatures directly connected to the signature inconsistencies found by the Secretary of State, the remaining 14,697 signatures are sufficient when added to other signatures found valid by the Secretary of State to qualify the measure for the ballot."

Term Limits for North Dakota gathered more than 46,000, the organization said in a news release. 

“We always knew that our committee had complied fully with state law and submitted more than enough signatures to the Secretary of State,” said Jared Hendrix, the North Dakota Term limits Chair. “The State Supreme Court agreed with us that the Secretary of State violated existing legal precedent in disqualifying the signatures, and is now requiring the proposal to be placed on the November ballot.”

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