FILE - Raleigh North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina

Local residents are concerned about congestion, traffic and access to green space, they told officials when the City of Raleigh held a public information session on its expansion plans for Midtown.

“Midtown Raleigh is a rapidly emerging district ... a suburban place retrofitted as a walkable urban center,” the city website says. “St. Albans Drive currently serves as a transition line between the existing and proposed mixed-use development to the south and older, primarily residential areas to its north.

The Midtown-St. Albans Plan aims to harmonize the two and manage development of a rapidly growing metropolis.

Planners have held holding public meetings to get feedback from residents, businesses and others who live, work or otherwise use the space about their needs and concerns. These include such issues as public and private transportation, including safe and comfortable foot traffic; potential solutions to flooding issues; types of housing to meet the needs of current and future residents; and how to manage land use while the area grows. They recently issued a report on results of their hearings.

The plan is a project of the City of Raleigh. A Confirmation Group was appointed by the City Council to engage with all stakeholders; it includes representatives of Wake County Public Schools, various city neighborhoods, Coastal Federal Credit Union, Duke Raleigh Hospital, Atlantic CAC/Raleigh CAC, Kane Realty and the Church of the Apostles.