Pecan pie

 Pecans will be plentiful this Thanksgiving thanks to a better season for North Carolina farmers.

Pecan growers in the state yielded a good harvest ahead of the holidays despite still recovering from the 2018 Hurricane season.

“Reports from growers are showing a good quantity and quality of pecans this year, with pecan season running into December,” said North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler.

Pecan pie has been a Southern sweet treat for decades. North Carolinians have even created their rendition of the dessert called the Tar Heel pie. The state produces five million pounds of pecans per year, according to the North Carolina Pecan Growing Association. North Carolina ranks in the top 10 states for the production of new pecan strains.

Many of the farms in North Carolina are still reportedly recovering from Hurricane Florence, which made landfall in the state in September 2018 and left more than $1 billion in damages. Last year’s pecan season was cut short because of the storm’s aftermath.

The General Assembly recently passed a series of bills to secure disaster relief funds for the impacted communities.

NCDA Pecan Marketing Specialist Dexter Hill told The Daily News although farms were “affected by Florence, many were not devastated by it."

The department wants to promote the pecans ahead of the holiday season. On Dec. 13, the state will be celebrating Pecan Day.

“It’s not a record-breaking year by any means,” Hill said. “But it’s a good year for our growers and the quality of the pecans is good.”

North Carolina’s top commodities also include corn, sweet potatoes, apples and eggs.

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