Election 2022

(The Center Square) — Voter registrations for both Democrats and Republicans slid significantly last week, while the number of unaffiliated voters continued to swell.

Andy Jackson, director of the Civitas Center for Public Integrity at the John Locke Foundation, highlighted the latest trend in North Carolina voter registrations in a post to Twitter on Monday.

"There was a plunge in both Democratic and Republican registrations in #ncpol this week (more for Dems, of course)," Jackson posted, along with the total changes for last week.

The data shows Democrats lost 2,107 registered voters, while Republicans lost 426 and Libertarians lost 10. The Green Party, meanwhile, picked up 14 voter registrations, and the number of registered unaffiliated voters grew by 2,098.

"It turns out that this week's drop in #ncpol voter registrations is mainly due to list cleaning in Cumberland County, which had a net decline of 5,677 registrations," Jackson posted to Twitter. "I contacted the Cumberland Board of Elections. The person who answered said that it was just normal list maintenance. She pointed out that Cumberland County is a military community with a high level of voter registration turnover."

In Cumberland County, all parties except the Green and Constitution parties lost registered voters last week, with Democrats losing 2,223, Republicans losing 1,121, Libertarians losing 77, and unaffiliated registrations decreasing by 2,256.

Wake County posted the next largest net change with a total gain of 864 registered voters, 52 for Democrats, 12 for Republicans, 10 for Libertarians, and 789 unaffiliated.

Forsyth County gained the second most with a total of 623 registered voters last week, which included 103 Democrats, 51 Republicans, 12 Libertarians, and 457 unaffiliated.

The third biggest gain came in Guilford County with a total of 605 more voter registrations: 71 for Democrats, six for Republicans seven for Libertarians, three for the Green Party, and 518 unaffiliated registrations.

A total of 23 out of 100 North Carolina counties posted net declines in registrations, ranging from 5,677 cleared from the rolls in Cumberland County to net declines of two voters in Lenoir, Gates, and Edgecombe counties.

The changes bring the total number of registered voters in the Tar Heel State to 7,344,923. Unaffiliated voters are the largest category at 2,595,567 registrations, followed by 2,488,890 Democrats, 2,210,966 Republicans, 49,473 Libertarians, and 27 Green Party registrations.

Wake County leads the state for total number of registered voters with 806,862, while Mecklenburg and Guilford counties round out the top three with 794,967 and 376,082 voters, respectively.

Mitchel County currently has the highest percentage of Republican voters with 58.54% registered with the party, while Hertford County is the bluest county with 65.88% of registered voters identifying as Democrats.