FILE - Durham County Courthouse North Carolina

Durham County Courthouse

Durham County commissioners have approved a Fiscal Year 2020 budget that includes a 3.4 percent hike in property taxes. Residents will pay 71.22 cents per $100 valuation, up from 68.9 cents.

Residents of a home valued at $200,000 will pay an additional $46 per year. 

The budget allocates a $7 million increase to Durham Public Schools. The school district had requested an almost $13 million increase.

The county additionally approved $1.6 million to expand pre-K education, bringing the total financial support of that effort to $5.25 million. The program's goal is to get pre-K education to every 4-year-old in the county.

Durham Technical Community College will see a 5.24 funding increase. The additional revenue will be $375,654, bringing its total funding for Fiscal Year 2020 to a little more than $7.5 million.

Deferred maintenance issues will be funded to the tune of $11 million.

The total budget for the upcoming fiscal year is $657.5 million, up 2 percent from from the current fiscal year.