FILE - New York Capitol

The New York Capitol building in Albany.

On Jan. 7, Republicans elected William Barclay (R) as minority leader of the New York State Assembly. Barclay was first elected to the State Assembly in 2002 and previously served as State Assembly Deputy Minority Leader.

Barclay’s appointment came after former Minority Leader Brian Kolb (R) resigned from his Assembly leadership position on Jan. 5, 2020. Kolb was arrested on Dec. 31, 2019, after crashing a state-owned vehicle while intoxicated.

The current partisan composition of the New York State Assembly is 106 Democrats, 42 Republicans, one independent, and one vacancy.

Before being elected to the New York State Assembly, Barclay practiced law as an attorney and partner with the Hiscock and Barclay law firm. He also clerked for Judge Roger Minor in the United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, Albany.