Virus Outbreak New Jersey

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy speaks with the media April 21, 2020, as he tours a field medical station inside the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, N.J. The center was converted into a makeshift hospital to handle patient overflow in response to COVID-19.

(The Center Square) – Funding allocated to New Jersey through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act amounted to $45,729 per Covid-19 case in mid-April, according to a new 24/7 Wall St. study.

CARES Act funding going to the state, which by April 16 had 75,317 Covid-19 cases, amounted to $3.44 billion, the financial news and opinion website reported. The coronavirus infection rate in New Jersey stood at 848 per 100,000 residents, according to the analysis.

The CARES Act provided $150 billion in relief funds to states, localities, tribal governments and U.S. territories, 24/7 Wall St. reported. But the federal legislation’s total relief to help public agencies, individuals and businesses amounted to $2 trillion.

The way the funds were distributed, however, made for different levels of aid among different states, according to the study. Funds were allocated on a population-based formula, but each state received at least $1.25 billion, according to the website.

Some states more hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic were left with inadequate funding, 24/7 Wall St. reported. Wyoming, with 100,000 residents and only 50 coronavirus cases, received 120 times as much aid per case as hard-hit New York received, according to the analysis.


Federal Coronavirus Aid to States vs. Case Levels

StateFederal Funding per Confirmed Covid-19 CaseTotal Federal SpendingCovid-19 CasesCovid-19 Infection Rate (per 100,000 Residents)Total Population
Alabama$431,713$1.9 billion4,40489.84.9 million
Alaska$41,700,000$1.25 billion30041.0731,545
Arizona$666,604$2.82 billion4,23458.27.28 million
Arkansas$771,605$1.25 billion1,62053.73.02 million
California$544,157$15.32 billion28,15671.339.51 million
Colorado$257,408$2.23 billion8,675150.65.76 million
Connecticut$87,036$1.38 billion15,884445.53.57 million
Delaware$602,410$1.25 billion2,075213.1973,764
Florida$345,297$8.33 billion24,119112.321.48 million
Georgia$251,529$4.12 billion16,368154.210.62 million
Hawaii$2,310,000$1.25 billion54138.21.42 million
Idaho$776,880$1.25 billion1,60990.01.79 million
Illinois$190,947$4.91 billion25,733203.112.67 million
Indiana$273,579$2.61 billion9,542141.76.73 million
Iowa$583,839$1.25 billion2,14167.93.16 million
Kansas$787,154$1.25 billion1,58854.52.91 million
Kentucky$713,210$1.73 billion2,42954.44.47 million
Louisiana$80,003$1.8 billion22,532484.74.65 million
Maine$1,570,000$1.25 billion79659.21.34 million
Maryland$202,582$2.34 billion11,572191.46.05 million
Massachusetts$83,050$2.67 billion32,181466.96.89 million
Michigan$132,335$3.87 billion29,263293.09.99 million
Minnesota$1,140,000$2.19 billion1,91233.95.64 million
Mississippi$344,923$1.25 billion3,624121.82.98 million
Missouri$465,634$2.38 billion5,11183.36.14 million
Montana$3,010,000$1.25 billion41538.81.07 million
Nebraska$1,170,000$1.25 billion1,06655.11.93 million
Nevada$376,393$1.25 billion3,321107.83.08 million
New Hampshire$1,030,000$1.25 billion1,21189.11.36 million
New Jersey$45,729$3.44 billion75,317848.08.88 million
New Mexico$782,718$1.25 billion1,59776.22.1 million
New York$33,936$7.54 billion222,2841,142.619.45 million
North Carolina$744,166$4.07 billion5,46552.110.49 million
North Dakota$3,180,000$1.25 billion39351.6762,062
Ohio$538,694$4.53 billion8,41472.011.69 million
Oklahoma$650,979$1.53 billion2,35759.63.96 million
Oregon$942,092$1.64 billion1,73641.24.22 million
Pennsylvania$178,984$4.96 billion27,735216.612.8 million
Rhode Island$325,690$1.25 billion3,838362.31.06 million
South Carolina$507,878$2 billion3,93176.35.15 million
South Dakota$953,471$1.25 billion1,311148.2884,659
Tennessee$422,882$2.65 billion6,26291.76.83 million
Texas$683,285$11.24 billion16,45556.729 million
Utah$465,896$1.25 billion2,68383.73.21 million
Vermont$1,600,000$1.25 billion779124.8623,989
Virginia$441,829$3.31 billion7,49187.88.54 million
Washington$264,774$2.95 billion11,152146.47.61 million
West Virginia$1,660,000$1.25 billion75442.11.79 million
Wisconsin$582,635$2.26 billion3,87566.65.82 million
Wyoming$4,340,000$1.25 billion28849.8578,759

Source: 24/7 Wall St.