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(The Center Square) – The New Hampshire Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Other Drugs has voted on how to divide $3.8 million in unused funds to help bolster substance abuse treatment.

The funds come from unused state funding from this fiscal year.

About $1 million will be put toward transitional living programs, which typically serve people who have just completed residential treatment and still need medical and housing support as they prepare to return to life in their communities.

The programs are key in the rehabilitation process, Stephanie Savard, chief operating officer of Families In Transition – New Horizons, told New Hampshire Public Radio.

"What we're trying to do is provide more stability because there's a lot of gaps around that in the state,” Savard said, adding that the money will help increase the number of available beds at transitional service providers.

When the request for proposals is offered, facilities can apply for a portion of the $1 million available.

In addition, money is allocated for syringe support services, workplace initiatives, as well as growing the number of Recovery Community Organizations in areas that need them.

Another $500,000 is designated for hospitals to help identify signs of substance abuse when it may not be the primary reason for a patient’s visit.