FILE - New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu

Citing freedom of speech rights, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed a bill that would have prohibited individuals who are members of limited liability companies from donating to political candidates through their LLC without it counting against their individual contribution limits.

"This bill would require only those limited liability companies that chose to engage in First Amendment protected political speech to disclose the identity, address and individuals' shares of ownership of the LLC," Sununu wrote in his veto message. "This compelled disclosure would chill LLCs and their members from exercising their first amendment rights. Courts have found such chilling of political speech to be unconstitutional."

Sununu also said that the proposed legislation would have hurt business development in the state.

Supporters of the measure, Senate Bill 156, said it would have increased transparency and oversight in political campaigns.

Sununu also vetoed Senate Bill 106, which would have required organizations that advocate for certain policies to register as political organizations even if they did not publicly support specific political candidates.

"Such an expansion of government regulation of speech is unnecessary and would have a chilling effect on our citizens' rights to advocate for and support causes which are important to them," he wrote in his veto message.