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(The Center Square) – A $3 billion water project package could raise monthly water bills by $10 for residents.

The package, approved by the Integrated Resource Planning Advisory Committee, will be discussed by the Southern Nevada Water Authority at its meeting later this month.

“This is the Southern Nevada Water Authority ensuring that our community not only has water resources available going forward, but also the infrastructure to meet those water demands over the next half-century,” authority spokesman Bronson Mack told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

If approved, the projects would bring a facelift to the Apex Industrial Park. A $250 million investment would bring 18 miles of pipeline, a reservoir and pumping stations to carry water out to the park. A wastewater system would include 40 miles of pipeline that takes the area's wastewater to a treatment plant and then allows it to be returned to Lake Mead.

A combination of loans and rate increases, including connection charges for developers, would fund the projects. All valley water customers would be charged an infrastructure and water-use charge over a six-year period. After the phase-in period, charges would be tied to inflation.

“This is the solution we’ve been seeking for decades,” North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee said in January at his annual State of the City address.

If approved, the project would be a significant investment in Apex Industrial Park. Gina Gavin, chief innovation officer for North Las Vegas, said a full buildout at Apex could be a game-changer for the valley.

Other projects include a water transmission line in the southern part of the valley that would be able to transport up to 400 million gallons per day. The project has an estimated cost of nearly $1.6 billion. Another recommendation of the project is to create a system that would take Boulder City's wastewater to the treatment plant in Henderson.