FILE - Home construction

Affordable housing emerged as a key issue this month as county managers discussed the regional economy at the annual State of the Counties event hosted by Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA).

“We’re seeing one-room apartments go from $600 to $1,400,” Jim Barbee, Churchill County manager, said in a report posted on the Northern Nevada Business Review website. “It is really doing our community damage.”

On the outskirts of Fallon, there are 30 acres set aside for a developer to break ground, Barbee added.

Other market-rate construction projects could include about 2,500 homes in Douglas County, part of its development agreement with Park Ranch Holdings, and another 5,000 houses in Storey County.

Carson City Manager Nancy Paulson said three new affordable housing projects are on the horizon there, including a development on city land that will start construction in 2021.

Paulson said she conservatively estimates that sales tax revenue in Carson City, much of which is supported by auto sales, will go up about 5 percent, to $33.2 million in the 2020 fiscal year.

At the same time, Carson City is projected to end the year with about one month of operating revenue in reserve, with goals to raise that figure, Paulson said.

In Stateline, the $100 million Tahoe Events Center is scheduled to be built along the lakefront.