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A teacher works with a student.

(The Center Square) – Parents in Nevada dealing with the high cost of child care are able to apply for state tax dollars appropriated under an expanded state program.

According to the Center for American Progress, 72% of Nevada residents live in what’s considered a “child care desert,” meaning a census tract with at least 50 children under five that has either no child care option or a demand of at least three children for each available child care slot. Only Utahans have less access to child care.

Gov. Steve Sisolak announced the Nevada Child Care Fund to expand access Thursday. 

“Nevada’s working families need support. This funding will help these families increase their household income, stay in their homes, support their families and save for the future,” said Governor Sisolak. “Quality, affordable child care is critical for the success of our kids, our families and will support our local businesses and economy by creating a more stable workforce.”

The program is a $50 million expansion of the state’s existing child care program. The additional funds will lower the total cost of child care for eligible families. The program is also available to more families after the state increased the income threshold. 

“The Department of Health and Human Services is working in a variety of areas to support child care providers and families across the state,” said Karissa Loper Machado, agency manager of the Child Care and Development Program. “More families will be eligible for assistance than ever before – I encourage families to read our FAQ and reach out to find out if we can help lower the cost of child care for your household.”

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