Virus Outbreak Nevada

Members of the Nevada Air National Guard work at a drive-thru coronavirus testing site Tuesday, April 28, 2020, in Las Vegas. 

(The Center Square) – Nevada's health data indicates that COVID-19 cases across the state are on a downward trend.

The state had 253 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, according to Nevada Health Response, including 152 in Clark County. Those 253 cases marked the lowest increase in single-day cases since June. August 13 saw the highest number of daily cases for the month at 1,099 new cases.

State data reports a total of 66,666 cases and 1,250 deaths, with the vast majority of cases in the communities of Clark County. According to health data from the Southern Nevada Health District, Clark County has 57,283 cases and 1,078 deaths.

The Nevada Hospital Association noted in their Wednesday COVID-19 report that the state's health care infrastructure "continues to appreciate a decline in COVID-19 demand and currently is not being significantly stressed by the virus."

Demand on Clark County's health care infrastructure also continues to decline, NHA noted.

"The health care infrastructure within Clark County is in fair condition with sufficient excess capacity and capability," the report said. "A few facilities are experiencing greater than normal occupancy in the general hospital and intensive care units, but this too is decreasing."