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Aerial view across urban suburban communities seen from Las Vegas, Nev.

(The Center Square) – Temperatures in Nevada are back on the rise. State and local officials have pooled resources to ensure people stay cool. 

The Extreme Heat Resource Guide is a new compilation of options for residents to not only get a better idea of when dangerous temps are approaching but what options are available for residents who may not have access to air conditioning. The new guide is part of the Nevada Climate Initiative.

Gov. Steve Sisolak said on Monday that the state has to take extra steps amid uncharacteristic heat.

“The excessive heat we’re feeling is unprecedented – our summers are becoming hotter, drier and longer every year due to climate change,” he said. “Now more than ever, we must come together to tackle the climate crisis and ensure we have the resources to protect Nevadans.”

Temperatures in southern Nevada are forecast to reach 107 degrees within the next two weeks.

Included in the resource guide are links to local weather forecasts, regional cooling stations, emergency helplines to call if a residence has lost power, and a guide to applying for energy bill assistance. 

"The National Weather Service tracks summer heat day and night to make sure Nevadans and all Americans have advanced warning to prepare for and respond to dangerous heat conditions,” said Ken Graham, director of NOAA's National Weather Service. “ is an excellent resource for weather predictions, critical heat alerts, as well as other heat safety information to ensure that everybody knows when dangerous heat is on the way and what to do to be ready for it." 

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