FILE - Nevada State Capitol

The Nevada State Capitol in Carson City, Nevada.  

Nevada lawmakers rushed to pass a string of budget bills before the legislative session ends Monday night.

Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak's recommended general fund state budget for the next two years is $8.93 billion, while the legislature’s general fund budget is $8.8 billion.

The state budget bills were introduced late last week.

Both chambers approved a bill funding education for two years on Sunday. Senate Bill 555 appropriates $10,227 per pupil and $10,319 in the first and second years of the budget, respectively.

Lawmakers are constitutionally required to pass the education budget prior to passing other budget bills. SB 555 was passed unanimously by both chambers.

Assembly Bill 543 appropriates billions of dollars toward various parts of the government and programs from the state’s general fund and highway fund.

Both chambers passed the bill unanimously.

Assembly Bill 541, passed unanimously by both chambers, allocates state funds for capital improvements.

Senate Bill 553, which authorizes government expenditures, passed unanimously in the Senate on Sunday but still needs to be approved by the Assembly.

Assembly Bill 542, passed unanimously by both chambers, sets maximum salaries for government jobs and includes a 3 percent increase.

All the bills passed still need to be approved by Gov. Sisolak.


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