FILE - Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak delivers his first State of the State address from the Assembly Chambers of the Nevada Legislature in Carson City, Nev.

(The Center Square) – The governor of Nevada rolled out a new COVID-19 response strategy on Monday as the state has seen a recent virus surge with total confirmed cases reaching almost 52,000.

Considering recent numbers, Gov. Steve Sisolak announced Monday more robust enforcement measures for businesses and residents not following the necessary physical distancing regulations and the public health standards laid out by the variances dictating the reopening status of a specific county.

Sisolak said on Monday a new "targeted approach" to review cases by county will help dispense regulation based on such observations. A more concentrated look is meant to streamline the status of areas under the state's reopening phases, in which communities all over the state have bounced between for several weeks.

The new approach will include a state task force that will assess county data using the state's criteria on a weekly basis, and work with county health departments on mitigation plans that could include new or adjusted requirements. 

"This new approach will ensure the state in coordination with each county can assess all the data and make timely decisions to address identified risk areas and take swift and appropriate action," Sisolak said.

Nevada Health Response also reported Monday that 847 deaths from COVID-19 have occurred since the pandemic began.

Clark County is home to the most concentrated hotspot of COVID-19 cases, as well as the highest concentration of deaths in the state. Over 44,000 cases have been reported in the county. Washoe County has 5,369 cases, and all other counties have reported case totals that are below a thousand cases.