US Border Released on Parole

People wait for their turn to board a commercial bus that will take them to the San Antonio airport at a warehouse run by the Mission: Border Hope nonprofit group run by the United Methodist Church in Eagle Pass, Texas, May 23, 2022. The Border Patrol releases up to 1,000 migrants daily at Mission: Border Hope. The nonprofit group outgrew a church and moved to the warehouse in April amid the Biden administration's rapidly expanding practice of releasing migrants on parole, particularly those who are not subject to a pandemic rule that prevents migrants from seeking asylum.

(The Center Square) – Preliminary data obtained by The Center Square from a U.S. Border Patrol agent show apprehensions and gotaways at the southern border total 247,330 in June.

This includes 197,321 encounters/apprehensions and at least 50,009 gotaways.

The preliminary data excludes Office of Field Operations data, meaning the official numbers, once released, will be higher, although U.S. Customs and Border Protection doesn’t make the gotaway data public.

“Gotaways” is the official term used by Border Patrol to describe foreign nationals who enter the U.S. illegally and don’t surrender at ports of entry but intentionally seek to evade capture from law enforcement.

Last month, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol reported the highest monthly total of apprehensions at the southern border in recorded U.S. history of 239,416. That excludes gotaways, which totaled at least 70,793.

In April, CBP reported 235,478 total encounters/apprehensions; in March, 222,239; in February, 165,902; in January, 154,816. The totals all exclude gotaway data.

As in nearly all months, the Del Rio and Rio Grande Valley sectors in Texas experienced the most traffic last month.

The numbers are broken down by BP sector and categories, including apprehensions, turn backs, non-violations, outstanding, no-arrests, gotaways (known/recorded), and deceased. Here are the numbers based on the preliminary data obtained by The Center Square.

Big Bend Sector

Apps - 2,264

TBs - 35

Got Aways (known/recorded)- 755

Unresolved Detection - 18

No Arrest - 81

Deceased -3

Non-violation -10

Outstanding -35

Del Rio Sector

Apps - 46,216

TBs - 125

Got Aways (known/recorded) - 11,435

Unresolved Detection - 113

No Arrest - 2,425

Deceased -17

Non-violation -162

Outstanding -87

El Centro Sector

Apps - 6,416

TBs - 442

Got Aways (known/recorded) - 658

Unresolved Detection - 0

No Arrest - 2

Deceased - 3

Non-violation - 0

Outstanding - 9

El Paso Sector

Apps - 26,618

TBs - 3,971

Got Aways (known/recorded) - 9,031

Unresolved Detection - 20

No Arrest - 181

Deceased - 12

Non-violation - 45

Outstanding - 24

Laredo Sector

Apps - 10,201

TBs - 1,990

Got Aways (known/recorded) - 3,923

Unresolved Detection - 22

No Arrest - 1,030

Deceased - 7

Non-violation - 197

Outstanding - 1

RGV Sector

Apps - 45,085

TBs - 3,578

Got Aways (known/recorded) - 3,937

Unresolved Detection - 232

No Arrest - 3,433

Deceased - 37

Non-violation - 321

Outstanding - 81

San Diego Sector

Apps - 14,620

TBs - 493

Got Aways (known/recorded) - 4,755

Unresolved Detection - 0

No Arrest - 5,088

Deceased - 1

Non-violation - 9

Outstanding - 274

Tucson Sector

Apps - 22,185

TBs - 830

Got Aways (known/recorded) - 13,577

Unresolved Detection - 287

No Arrest - 3,061

Deceased - 16

Non-violation - 181

Outstanding - 330

Yuma Sector

Apps - 23,716

TBs - 238

Got Aways (known/recorded) - 1,938

Unresolved Detection - 25

No Arrest - 17

Deceased - 15

Non-violation - 30

Outstanding - 13

Apprehensions include those in the U.S. illegally who surrender or are caught by BP officers. Turn backs include those who entered illegally but returned to Mexico.

The categories of "no arrests" and "unresolved detection" aren’t part of 6 U.S. Code, which classifies how encounters are to be reported. These categories are used as a way to lower the number of gotaways being reported, the BP officer, who talked with The Center Square on the condition of anonymity out of fear for his job, says.

No arrests mean someone “was detected in a non-border zone and their presence didn’t affect Got-Away statistics,” according to the official internal tracking system definition used by agents to record data. "Unresolved detection" means the same thing, but the officers, for a range of reasons, couldn’t determine citizenship.

Non-violations are “deemed to have committed no infraction and don’t affect Got-Away statistics,” according to the tracking system definition.

The categories of non-violations, no arrests and unresolved detection should actually be categorized as got-aways, the BP officer says, assuming all non-arrests were of non-citizens. Including these categories, the total number of gotaways for June would be closer to 66,973 and 90,246 in May.