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In this image provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, census geographers at census headquarters in Suitland, Md., use the Block Assessment, Research and Classification Application (BARC) to help get an accurate population count next year. Census employees are taking images captured from satellites and planes to verify addresses in rural communities and compare them to previous maps from 2010.

“Whatever starts in California unfortunately has an inclination to spread.”

– Jimmy Carter

When the Gold Coast turned blue in 2000, the left showed America the enormity of their influence. Once famous for movie stars, a fast-paced lifestyle, technology, innovation and the place where all dreams could come true, it became a Shangri-la for castoffs. It is now famous for generous welfare benefits, high taxes, a high cost of living, and onerous ecological restrictions. Since California has become a one-party state, their once “leading edge” is leading them to self destruction. Since 2000, people have been fleeing the left coast for the South and Midwest, yet the population is growing?

The left is courting cottage industries and illegal immigrants to fill the population gap left by former producers.

So what turned California from purple to blue? In 1994, when Republican Gov. Pete Wilson ran for re-election, he embraced Proposition 187. It denied public services to illegal immigrants and mandated that state employees report them to the INS. Voters approved Prop 187 by 59 percent to 41 percent. And the left vowed to avenge this. They corralled candidates from their Hispanic base to file for critical offices. By the end of Wilson’s term, they had gained substantial numbers of strategic elected positions and Prop 187 was overturned. Today, California has more illegal immigrants than any other U.S. state.

In 1994, California had an estimated 1.5 million illegal immigrants. Residents were concerned with increasing numbers coming over the border and the costs of providing services for them. The state could no longer pay for social services for the multitude that crossed the borders illegally. Their continual attempts to obtain increased security protection from Washington went unanswered. Crime was up and the economy down so the people took action on their own volition to correct this.

“Prop 187 was right for us then, and it is right now. Time has proven just how right we were.”

– Pete Wilson

All levels of government found it impossible to project spending and allocate funding for services. Since all of them used public services, factoring in projected costs was a math puzzle even Albert Einstein could not resolve. The prison population was growing, welfare rolls were out of hand and trauma centers and mental institutions were filled to the max. The budget planners around the state needed a more accurate headcount of how many people they had to provide for.

“All immigrants, both illegal and legal are part of the diversity of California’s Democratic future.”

– Bill Clinton

In the days leading up to the vote, Latino students organized large protests against Proposition 187 across the state, including a mass boycott of high schools. Their protests included waving Mexican flags, shouting phrases like “viva la raza” and scribbling anti-American graffiti on the overpasses of bridges and freeways. But the biggest slap in the face of enforcing our immigration laws and fueled the Democratic uprising in California came from Washington. President Bill Clinton urged California to reject Proposition 187. Clinton stated "it’s wrong for any state to try to curtail illegal immigration."

The fight over California's Proposition 187 brought the debate to the front page of national media. It galvanized Hispanic students across the state as they mounted a campaign in opposition. This did not stop when it passed. Latino students and Democratic activists continued their protests upon the national stage. They gained support from Sen. Diane Feinstein and other sympathizers to assist in publicizing their cause in the media. This helped sway a favorable decision in the high court. And when the smoke cleared, they had effectively convinced America illegal immigration was now legal.

An issue that needed to be addressed was turned into a “hate crime” against Hispanics by the left. This effectively turned California blue, but the cost was devastating. The California Tax Foundation claims over $278 billion in higher taxes were proposed this year. This is staggering considering the economy is the best since the Reagan years. That’s enough taxes and fees to double the state’s annual budget, which swelled to $200 billion for the first time the previous year.

“California is going to be quite good for the Democrats. But the rest of the country is a draw.”

– Stuart Rothenberg

California’s open borders policy has been contagious. The cost of illegal immigration is staggering. If we deduct the $19 billion they pay in taxes, the 13 million of them living in our country results in a $116 billion burden annually for taxpayers. And over two-thirds of this is absorbed by the local and state taxpayers. Yet the left is defending their status, knowing they are potential Democratic voters. Liberalists are pursuing national amnesty and lobbying for them to vote in state elections. They are already registered to vote in the school board elections in many of the northern California counties.

When the Department of Justice requested to put the question about citizenship on the National Census for next year, they claimed it was to assist them in enforcing voting rights. But like any legal battle, there is always an objective “written between the lines”. The left claimed the Trump administration is trying to “disenfranchise the rights of illegals to representation” and challenged this in the U.S. Supreme Court. The court late last month temporarily blocked the question from being added, until review.

Our states have been lobbying the federal government for years for help with the influx of illegal immigrants into their states. With leftist support for continuing with our “status quo policies”, they fear more of what is going on in California. They cannot continue to develop state budgets on projections with uncontrolled illegal populations. This put California in an economic quagmire and it is becoming a problem for every state as well as the federal government. Nobody can plan a budget if they do not know what expenses will be.

“Mathematics allows for no hypocrisy and no vagueness.”

– Stendhal

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said, “While there is widespread belief among parties adding a citizenship question could reduce response rates, the Census Bureau’s analysis did not provide evidence to support this.” The census is bound by strict enumeration. Citizenship data from “actual enumeration of citizens” would provide the federal government information it needed to apportion congressional seats based on “citizens rather than people.” While this might hurt states that have a high rate of illegal immigrants, according to the Census Bureau the last two counts were the most accurate in history. Adding the citizenship question would benefit both our states and our federal budgets.

Despite the Constitution’s guarantee of equal due process, there’s no due process for illegal immigrants. The ICE and the DOJ write their own laws. Their judicial process works independently of ours without the protections most of our citizens entertain. The core conceptual edifice of our immigration laws regard aliens as “not entitled to” the same rights as citizens. Claiming that the citizenship question on the census disenfranchises people who have “no voting rights in our nation” is an oxymoron.

The census is not a political tool. It must be an accurate count of everyone, legal or illegal, so state and federal governments can reach a consensus on how to write policy and budgets collectively in order to serve everyone equally. This includes those here legally and illegally. The only goal of the decennial census is to provide an accurate count of people residing within our U.S. borders.

“Our political differences, no matter how sharply they are debated, are really quite narrow in comparison to the remarkably durable national consensus on our founding convictions.”

– John McCain

Contributing Columnist

William Haupt III is a retired professional journalist, author, and citizen legislator in California for over 40 years. He got his start working to approve California Proposition 13.