FILE - PA Donald Trump 8-13-2019

President Donald Trump addresses an audience of workers during a visit Aug. 13, 2019, to the Shell Petrochemical Complex currently under construction in Monaca, Pennsylvania.

“I couldn't find any way to tell the truth in a regular newspaper.”

– Mary Tyler aka "Molly" Ivins

The National Press Building sits bocks away from the White House and is home to The National Press Club. It’s a gathering place for reporters and journalists alike. Presidents, premiers, royalty, Congressmen, movie stars, sports heroes, and industrialists have visited there to reveal their views on politics. Its “stated mission” is to maintain a factual media source in Washington and around the world. They advocate for the press to promote and defend true, uncompromised ethical journalism.

The National Press Club bills itself as the “good guys” who protect the ethos of journalism. During the Depression, while in financial trouble, President Franklin Roosevelt bailed them out when their president, Bascom Timmons, lobbied him to amend federal bankruptcy law to help them keep their doors open. By coincidence, from that day forward the media backed FDR’s entire New Deal package. If it wasn’t for this keen strategic move by Roosevelt, he could have never sold his bill of goods to America.

Today, America is the poster child for good economic news. But you’d never know it if you picked up the daily fish-wrap or turned on the 6 p.m. news. The Dow and S&P closed out the year with record highs. The Bureau of Statistics year-end employment report showed the strongest wage and employment growth since World War II. The U.S. jobless rate dropped to 3.4% by the year end, the lowest in 50 years. Black unemployment ended the year at 6%, the lowest on record. The Hispanic jobless rate closed at 4%, it’s lowest in U.S. history. These are documented, monumental achievements.

Layoffs are down, spending on capital goods way up, and GDP growth should set new records this year. Businesses are raising wages, paying bonuses and expanding. If you’ve never heard these numbers, it's no surprise. There's a not-so-well-hidden conspiracy of silence in the media to ensure no one gives President Donald Trump credit for this remarkable economic turnaround.

“We all know when the media is on your payroll. You can say anything you want and get away with it.”

– Allen West

Investors Business Daily’s Economic Optimism Index reached 57.1 last year. This marked the 16th consecutive month the index has entertained such a trajectory. Yet the media reported that former Obama economists claim this is the result of Obama’s economic policies finally paying off? This is the same group that cheered his "no-shovel-ready non-stimulus” plan? In reality, the only thing he had to do with these numbers was to reinvigorate the markets because they knew he and his group of leftist economic central planners would be “out of sight and out of mind” after the next election.

These are historic numbers, regardless of who is responsible for them? How is it possible this has not once been headline news? How can cable networks devote hours “tattle-tailing and gossiping” like little old ladies at a church bingo game about what Trump said or might have said in a private meeting about someone or something? How can sponsors and advertisers pay them to continually ignore Obama’s insoluble problems that vanished under Trump? Why aren’t they questioning the experts to find out who is responsible for this dynamic recovery if it not Trump?

“Anyone who isn't confused about what is going on here doesn't really understand what is going on here.”

– Proverb

Why the media hate Trump is more complex than simple bias. Irrefutably, all Republican presidents since the end of WWII have been media’s whipping boys. Dwight Eisenhower’s Cold War domino theory was brutally attacked by the media. Ronald Reagan was painted as a lousy actor who did nothing but end the Cold War and was a hero to the free world. George H Bush, who had a 99% approval score after winning the Gulf War, was chided by media for bad, costly foreign policy. They then led a campaign to discredit his economy to pave the road for Bill Clinton to waltz into the White House.

Media’s biggest ignominy since their Dewy-Truman election blunder in 1948 was the 2000 Florida fiasco. They hyped exit poll counts to discourage Republicans from voting to give Al Gore a victory that was never his? For weeks, they helped the left harvest votes to reverse the results. When the Court finally ended the misery and said “enough is enough,” all hell broke lose with the left and the media. For eight years they shamed George Bush out of office in order to elect their prodigal son.

“Thank you for taking time out of your day to come and witness my hanging.”

– George H W Bush

The media’s eternal love affair with Barack Obama was worse than a bad soap opera. They saved his bacon for eight years. They ran cover for his failed stimulus package, his anemic 2% economic growth rate, his high unemployment, his doubling of the national debt and expanding government entitlements. They covered up his IRS anti-conservative hit squad and he and Clinton’s failure to protect American lives in Benghazi. And to ice the cake, they backed his “can’t lose” progressive successor, Hillary Clinton, who was humbled when voters elected Donald Trump instead in 2016.

Does anyone still wonder why the media hates Donald Trump? No, it couldn’t be that the National Press Club will forever be in debt to FDR for bailing them out? Or from that day forward they sold FDR’s “Bad” New Deal to America? In an interview with National Press Club president Jeffrey Ballou, when asked about Donald Trump, he said, “America is supposed to be a symbol of a free, unbiased, truth-seeking and truth-reporting press, and Trump has undermined the very essence of that image. Now people around the world criticize and question our legitimacy without cause?”

In 1908, the NPC founders stated their objective was to “Insure the ethical standards of journalism were followed”: “truth, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness, and public accountability.” Does anyone in America believe that today’s media is adhering to this uncompromised code of ethics?

On Election Eve 2016, Donald Trump said, “I will fight for you every day!” Trump is not a politician but a patriot who came to serve. He has gifted us his business acumen “for free” to make America better for everyone. He has never allowed anyone to walk over him and that includes the media “wimps.” And they are stunned he fights back when other GOP presidents turned their other cheek. Donald Trump has proven the media is no longer our watchdogs of government, but vicious attack dogs for the left.

“Facts are seldom allowed to contaminate the beautiful vision of the left.”

– Thomas Sowell

What the media does to Trump is brazen schoolyard bullying. When a clan of hoodlums gang up on someone weaker than them and he fights back, they run away calling him names. This is a typical day for Donald Trump; every hour of every day. Trump is forced into combat with a media that has taken an oath to impartially and truthfully report what he is doing for America. Instead, they spiel out libelous leftist agitprop that chastises the leader of the free world as a malevolent despotic tyrant.

Media’s failure to print the truth about Trump is vengeance for how he has humiliated them. They are embarrassed Trump made fools out of them; doing what they predicted Obama would do but was never capable of doing. Today’s media a disgrace to all legitimate members of the Fourth Estate.

“There’s no place for opinions in reporting. If it’s not true, it’s a lie- – so don’t print it.”

– Andy Ngo

Contributing Columnist

William Haupt III is a retired professional journalist, author, and citizen legislator in California for over 40 years. He got his start working to approve California Proposition 13.