FILE - U.S. Cellular Smart Farm, Missouri, farm

A farm in Newark, Mo. that utilizes a variety of smart technology relies on a strong wireless network from U.S. Cellular for daily operations.

(The Center Square) – With the harvest season now on the horizon, Missouri farmers are expressing optimism as crops in the region are said to be doing well and prices are going up.

Even as he wished for a bit more rain, Marian County Farm Bureau president Joe Kendrick said soybeans and corn have seen growth improvements.

"Soybeans especially have done some tremendous jumps and a lot of that is weather driven from the fact that this hot weather has cut back on the production and then corn-wise it's seen some nice increases as well," Kendrick said.

Corn is close to final stages and ready for drying, while soybeans are not far behind, he said.

“We're slated to raise probably one of the biggest corn crops on record, and the soybeans as well, for that matter,” Kendrick added.

Soybean prices have slightly increased, he said, and he was finally able to sell some at a price that was not far off of 2019 levels. Corn prices are still wildly fluctuating, he said.

Kendrick said he doesn’t expect the harvest to fully commence until mid-September, but added some farmers are planning to kick into high gear soon after Labor Day.

With that in mind, Kendrick warned drivers to be careful as more farmers and combines are likewise expected to soon to take to the road.

Kendrick has joined a growing number of local farmers in voicing hope that 2020 could be a big year for livestock, helping to offset downturns in other areas brought on by COVID-19.

China is stepping up to purchase U.S. pork and grain as well, he said.