Virus Outbreak Missouri

A man wearing a protective face mask leaves a coffee shop Wednesday, April 29, 2020, in Eureka, Mo. Eureka Mayor Sean Flower is encouraging business in the town of roughly 10,000 to reopen when the state of Missouri eases restrictions put in place to control the spread of the coronavirus next week despite the fact that St. Louis County, where Eureka is located, has extended its stay-at-home order until at least mid-May.

Funding allocated to Missouri through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act amounted to $465,634 per Covid-19 case in mid-April, according to a new 24/7 Wall St. study.

CARES Act funding going to the state, which by April 16 had 5,111 Covid-19 cases, amounted to $2.38 billion, the financial news and opinion website reported. The coronavirus infection rate in Missouri stood at 83.3 per 100,000 residents, according to the analysis.

The CARES Act provided $150 billion in relief funds to states, localities, tribal governments and U.S. territories, 24/7 Wall St. reported. But the federal legislation’s total relief to help public agencies, individuals and businesses amounted to $2 trillion.

The way the funds were distributed, however, made for different levels of aid among different states, according to the study. Funds were allocated on a population-based formula, but each state received at least $1.25 billion, according to the website.

Some states more hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic were left with inadequate funding, 24/7 Wall St. reported. Wyoming, with 100,000 residents and only 50 coronavirus cases, received 120 times as much aid per case as hard-hit New York received, according to the analysis.


Federal Coronavirus Aid to States vs. Case Levels

StateFederal Funding per Confirmed Covid-19 CaseTotal Federal SpendingCovid-19 CasesCovid-19 Infection Rate (per 100,000 Residents)Total Population
Alabama$431,713$1.9 billion4,40489.84.9 million
Alaska$41,700,000$1.25 billion30041.0731,545
Arizona$666,604$2.82 billion4,23458.27.28 million
Arkansas$771,605$1.25 billion1,62053.73.02 million
California$544,157$15.32 billion28,15671.339.51 million
Colorado$257,408$2.23 billion8,675150.65.76 million
Connecticut$87,036$1.38 billion15,884445.53.57 million
Delaware$602,410$1.25 billion2,075213.1973,764
Florida$345,297$8.33 billion24,119112.321.48 million
Georgia$251,529$4.12 billion16,368154.210.62 million
Hawaii$2,310,000$1.25 billion54138.21.42 million
Idaho$776,880$1.25 billion1,60990.01.79 million
Illinois$190,947$4.91 billion25,733203.112.67 million
Indiana$273,579$2.61 billion9,542141.76.73 million
Iowa$583,839$1.25 billion2,14167.93.16 million
Kansas$787,154$1.25 billion1,58854.52.91 million
Kentucky$713,210$1.73 billion2,42954.44.47 million
Louisiana$80,003$1.8 billion22,532484.74.65 million
Maine$1,570,000$1.25 billion79659.21.34 million
Maryland$202,582$2.34 billion11,572191.46.05 million
Massachusetts$83,050$2.67 billion32,181466.96.89 million
Michigan$132,335$3.87 billion29,263293.09.99 million
Minnesota$1,140,000$2.19 billion1,91233.95.64 million
Mississippi$344,923$1.25 billion3,624121.82.98 million
Missouri$465,634$2.38 billion5,11183.36.14 million
Montana$3,010,000$1.25 billion41538.81.07 million
Nebraska$1,170,000$1.25 billion1,06655.11.93 million
Nevada$376,393$1.25 billion3,321107.83.08 million
New Hampshire$1,030,000$1.25 billion1,21189.11.36 million
New Jersey$45,729$3.44 billion75,317848.08.88 million
New Mexico$782,718$1.25 billion1,59776.22.1 million
New York$33,936$7.54 billion222,2841,142.619.45 million
North Carolina$744,166$4.07 billion5,46552.110.49 million
North Dakota$3,180,000$1.25 billion39351.6762,062
Ohio$538,694$4.53 billion8,41472.011.69 million
Oklahoma$650,979$1.53 billion2,35759.63.96 million
Oregon$942,092$1.64 billion1,73641.24.22 million
Pennsylvania$178,984$4.96 billion27,735216.612.8 million
Rhode Island$325,690$1.25 billion3,838362.31.06 million
South Carolina$507,878$2 billion3,93176.35.15 million
South Dakota$953,471$1.25 billion1,311148.2884,659
Tennessee$422,882$2.65 billion6,26291.76.83 million
Texas$683,285$11.24 billion16,45556.729 million
Utah$465,896$1.25 billion2,68383.73.21 million
Vermont$1,600,000$1.25 billion779124.8623,989
Virginia$441,829$3.31 billion7,49187.88.54 million
Washington$264,774$2.95 billion11,152146.47.61 million
West Virginia$1,660,000$1.25 billion75442.11.79 million
Wisconsin$582,635$2.26 billion3,87566.65.82 million
Wyoming$4,340,000$1.25 billion28849.8578,759

Source: 24/7 Wall St.