Minnesota National Guard

On the fourth day of protests over the killing of George Floyd, demonstrators gather near the National Guard.

(The Center Square) – Gov. Tim Walz Wednesday activated 100 National Guard soldiers in case they need to keep the peace in Minneapolis.

“At the request of the City of Minneapolis, Governor Walz gave the Minnesota National Guard a warning order to start preparing to assist local law enforcement should they need help," Walz’s spokesman Teddy Tschann said. “The Minnesota National Guard has not been given any operational orders, and as of this time their assistance has not been needed.”

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey requested “a limited number” of National Guard to help dealing with potential unrest around the fatal shooting of Winston Smith in Minneapolis earlier this month, who police allege shot at them first. 

Frey wrote: “It is my request that the State make Minnesota National Guard assets available to assist in ensuring calm and order throughout the city, without immediately being deployed. The City of Minneapolis understands that preparedness is essential.”

The Minnesota National Guard said the soldiers are “standing by and prepared” in case they’re needed.

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