Gov. Gretchen Whitmer press conference

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer updates the public about steps to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, alongside state officials. 

(The Center Square) – Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is expected to issue a stay at home order at 11 a.m. to nearly 10 million Michiganders in an attempt to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

That’s according to reports from MIRS News and the Detroit Free Press.

On Friday, Whitmer said she wasn’t going to issue the order yet when the state reported 549 positive cases of COVID-19 and a few deaths.

Over the weekend, the number of positive cases reached 1,035, with a total death count of nine, officials reported.

Other states have already issued stay at home orders, including California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York and Ohio, as of Monday morning.

The details of Whitmer’s expected order aren’t known.

The specifics of the order vary by state. Orders in other states temporarily shut down “non-essential” businesses, but exempt outdoor exercise and trips for grocery shopping, fuel, and medical care.

Michigan Chamber President & CEO Rich Studley told The Center Square that he talked to Whitmer’s office this morning on a conference call.

Studley and other business groups previously expressed concern about the economic impact of such an order, but today he cited a change in the situation over the weekend.

“We’re confident that Gov. Whitmer will stay focused on doing the right thing at the right time,” he said. “It is clear that the public health emergency has to be our top priority.”

Studley said that based on information from Whitmer’s administration, “the order will be measured, it will be thoughtful, and very detailed and specific.” 

He emphasized that these measures are temporary. 

“Ironically, it’s snowing today,” Studley said. “Maybe that’s Mother Nature’s way of reminding Michiganders that we’re used to long, hard, cold winters. But summer is around the corner. We will get through this.” 

This is a developing story.

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