FILE - MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer 12-20-21

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Do the union bosses think Michigan citizens are stupid?

How else would you explain their push to repeal Michigan’s state Right to Work Law, which for the last decade has empowered Michigan workers to choose whether or not to join or pay dues or fees to a labor union?

If the union bosses get their way, hundreds of thousands of Michigan workers will be forced to pay a union boss in order to work for a living in Michigan.

Without Right to Work protections, if you don’t pay up ... you are fired.

You might expect insanity like this in crazy California or Bernie Sanders’ Vermont.

But I believe Michiganders are smarter than that.

Right to Work kickstarted the state’s “open for business” public policy shift a decade ago that encouraged entrepreneurs and small business owners to thrive here, rather than seek opportunities elsewhere.

Job growth in America’s 27 Right to Work states has increased at DOUBLE the rate of forced-unionism states like Illinois, Pennsylvania and New York over the past decade.

There is a reason manufacturing job growth has surged by 6.4% since the passage of Michigan’s Right to Work Law, while it has declined in forced-unionism states.

Business owners and entrepreneurs want to create jobs in states where their workers won’t be forced into unions against their will.

And those jobs being created in Right to Work states are good, high-paying jobs.

Additionally, according to figures from the U.S. Department of Commerce, an average private-sector worker in Michigan makes $5,700 more per year compared to households in forced-unionism states when taxes and cost of living are taken into account.

Why would Michigan want to give up this advantage?

Just so some greedy union bosses can collect more money?

Well, yes. The answer is as simple and as shocking as that.

And as we have seen, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and many Michigan Democrats have bought into this idea to force thousands of Michigan workers – who want nothing to do with a union – to pay millions of dollars to Michigan union bosses.

Now, why would Michigan Democrats want to hand Michigan union bosses a windfall of forced union dues?

Once again, this isn’t that complicated.

I’ll give you one guess as to who will benefit from this million-dollar forced-dues windfall.

Gov. Whitmer has received millions in direct contributions from Big Labor, including $2.25 million from teacher union chiefs alone.

And those direct cash contributions are just the tip of the Big Labor billion-dollar political iceberg. Big Labor’s real power has always come from massive in-kind political operations and their well-organized ballot-harvesting machine, which doesn’t even show up on campaign finance reports.

So more money and more power for Michigan’s union bosses equals more money and more power for Michigan Democrats, like Gretchen Whitmer.

It really is that simple ... and that crazy.

Michigan voters may already be showing signs of buyers’ remorse.

Gov. Whitmer and the newly empowered Democrat majority in Lansing can’t stop talking about all the radical ideas they want to impose on Michigan citizens.

But repealing a decade-old law that has helped Michigan thrive economically, thereby forcing workers to fund corrupt union bosses and Democrat politicians, is truly insane.

I would encourage you and every other freedom-loving Michigander to contact Gov. Whitmer and your state legislators to let them know you are not interested in this radical political power grab.

As the great Jack Nicholson famously said in the film As Good As It Gets, “Sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here.”

Matt Leen is vice president of the National Right to Work Committee.