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Michigan residents must like their beer. The state ranks 11th in the country for jobs in the beer industry, according to a report released by the Beer Institute, a national trade association for beer companies.

The industry creates about 62,000 jobs in Michigan, provides about $2.6 billion worth of wages in the state, and contributes about $8.8 billion to the economy. It also generates nearly $700 million in state and local business, personal and sales taxes and another $700 million in federal taxes.

More than half of the jobs stem from brewing, distributing and retailing, while slightly less than half come from suppliers and other industries that work with the beer industry. About 26,000 of the jobs are in retail, more than 4,700 are in distributing and nearly 2,000 are in brewing.

Scott Graham, the executive director of the Michigan Brewers Guild, told The Center Square in a phone interview that people should not overlook the impact that Michigan craft brewers have on the state.

According to a study by the Brewers Association, craft brewers contributed nearly $2.5 billion to the statewide economy. The Brewers Association is a national trade group that represents craft brewers, suppliers, distributors and retailers.

After prohibition ended in 1933, Graham said that big breweries helped write legislation on beer regulations that didn’t favor the small craft breweries. These breweries, however, have been able to become a large part of the industry in Michigan and provide more than just beer. He said these local breweries tend to be very involved in local communities and their presence has helped revitalize downtown areas that have been in decline.

According to the Beer Institute’s study, the beer industry supplied more than $2.1 million jobs throughout the country. It also contributed more than $328 billion to the national economy and paid nearly $59 billion in business, personal and consumption taxes.

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