Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan

Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan talks to reporters, April, 4, 2022. 

(The Center Square) – Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan silenced speculation that he may be considering a presidential run in 2024 over the weekend by announcing he will not be seeking the Republican nomination for president. 

“After eight years of pouring my heart and soul into serving the people of Maryland, I have no desire to put my family through another grueling campaign just for the experience,” Hogan said in a statement released Sunday. 

Hogan, a Republican who governed Maryland for eight years, was among a list of candidates political observers speculated could be gearing up for a presidential campaign in 2024. Other Republican governors, including Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, have also been named as possible candidates, though neither have announced a campaign. 

In a statement, Hogan said he is not running because “I care more about ensuring a future for the Republican Party than securing my own future in the Republican Party.” 

“To once again be a successful governing party, we must move on from Donald Trump,” Hogan said. “There are several competent Republican leaders who have the potential to step up and lead. But the stakes are too high for me to risk being part of another multi-car pileup that could potentially help Mr. Trump recapture the nomination.”  

So far, Trump, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy and former Cranston, Rhode Island Mayor Steve Laffey have announced they will be seeking the Republican nomination for president in 2024. South Carolina state Sen. Tim Scott, a Republican, has also fueled speculation that he could soon announce a presidential run and recently spoke in Iowa. 

Marianne Williamson, an author, announced over the weekend that she will seek the Democratic nomination – making her the first Democratic candidate to challenge President Joe Biden. Biden has not officially announced he is seeking re-election, but has indicated an intention to run again throughout his time in office. 

Hogan left office in January after serving as governor for eight years. He is succeeded by Democratic Gov. Wes Moore, who made history as the state’s first Black governor. A poll conducted just before Hogan’s departure found he had a 77% approval rating among Maryland voters, according to CBS News.

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Madison Hirneisen is a staff reporter covering Virginia and Maryland for The Center Square. Madison previously covered California for The Center Square out of Los Angeles, but recently relocated to the DC area. Her reporting has appeared in several community newspapers and The Washington Times.