The gross domestic product of St. John the Baptist Parish in Louisiana dropped 38.8 percent from 2013 to 2018, making it the poorest performing region in the state for economic growth, according to a 24/7 Wall St. study.

Only four states – California, Hawaii, Massachusetts and New Hampshire – had no counties reporting negative GDP growth during that five-year period, the analysis said. But all states had counties whose economic growth was well below the national average of 13 percent from 2013 to 2018, according to 24/7 Wall St.

St. John the Baptist Parish had a GDP in 2018 of $2.4 billion, with transportation and warehousing identified as the fastest shrinking industry over the previous five years, the study said. The jobless rate in that region dropped 3 percentage points over the five-year period that was examined.

Thirteen counties in the 24/7 Wall St. ranking reported that the local industry in steepest decline was mining, quarrying and oil extraction, which tends to be more volatile than other sectors of the economy, the report said.

Negative economic trends in the counties with shrinking GDP numbers may also be causing residents to move elsewhere, leading to declining local populations, according to 24/7 Wall St.


Weakest Local Economy in Every State

StateCounty With Poorest Performing EconomyGDP Change From 2013-20182018 County GDPFastest Shrinking IndustryUnemployment Change 2013-2018 (in Percentage Points)Median Household Income
AlabamaLawrence-29.5%$563.2 millionManufacturing-4.1$44,515
AlaskaYakutat City and Borough-33.9%$28.4 millionEducational services-1.3$65,833
ArizonaGila-7.9%$2 billionFinance and insurance-3.7$42,092
ArkansasLee-31.5%$178.1 millionAgriculture, forestry-4.5$28,367
CaliforniaColusa5.3%$1.7 billionAdministration, waste management and remediation services-6.0$56,704
ColoradoKiowa-25.4%$73.8 millionAgriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing-2.7$39,784
ConnecticutLitchfield-3.6%$7.7 billionArts, entertainment, recreation-3.3$78,314
DelawareNew Castle-0.7%$42.5 billionInformation-2.8$70,996
FloridaUnion-4.7%$299.2 millionMining, quarrying, oil and gas exploration-2.9$41,770
GeorgiaPutnam-25.5%$445.7 millionUtilities-5.3$51,245
HawaiiHonolulu9.2%$61.1 billionUtilities-2.1$82,906
IdahoCuster-40.3%$177.3 millionMining, quarrying, oil and gas exploration-4.4$39,957
IllinoisSaline-26.6%$849.8 millionMining, quarrying, oil and gas exploration-4.1$41,167
IndianaPike-25.4%$690.5 millionMining, quarrying, oil and gas exploration-3.3$52,527
IowaFremont-30.0%$241.3 millionAgriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing-2.3$54,281
KansasSheridan-30.3%$131.9 millionAgriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing-0.4$56,071
KentuckyUnion-37.3%$593.5 millionAgriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing-2.7$42,844
LouisianaSt. John the Baptist Parish-38.8%$2.4 billionTransportation and warehousing-3.0$54,821
MaineFranklin-3.0%$985 millionManufacturing-3.7$48,053
MarylandKent-1.9%$831.8 millionMining, quarrying, oil and gas exploration-2.9$56,009
MassachusettsBerkshire5.8%$6.7 billionUtilities-3.4$56,674
MichiganBaraga-4.9%$259.1 millionWholesale trade-8.4$42,444
MinnesotaCook-20.5%$252 millionUtilities-2.3$52,271
MississippiTallahatchie-31.5%$224.6 millionAgriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing-5.8$30,028
MissouriPemiscot-29.8%$423.6 millionMining, quarrying, oil and gas exploration-4.8$33,390
MontanaPetroleum-39.2%$22.5 millionMining, quarrying, oil and gas exploration-0.6$44,688
NebraskaHayes-36.9%$41.3 millionAgriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing-1.2$45,515
NevadaHumboldt-17.8%$1.2 billionConstruction-2.8$57,598
New HampshireCoos0.4%$1.1 billionFinance and insurance-2.9$45,696
New JerseySalem-12.5%$5 billionAdministration, waste management and remediation services-5.0$64,309
New MexicoMora-42.7%$76.6 millionTransportation and warehousing-5.6$26,968
New YorkJefferson-8.1%$5.9 billionGovernment and government enterprises-3.6$52,268
North CarolinaTyrrell-22.2%$105.3 millionAgriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing-6.6$35,472
North DakotaSlope-48.6%$57.3 millionManufacturing0.2$63,942
OhioAdams-44.1%$835.3 millionUtilities-5.6$36,894
OklahomaHarmon-37.4%$70.3 millionAgriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing-1.4$41,607
OregonSherman-13.7%$583.9 millionUtilities-5.2$48,056
PennsylvaniaIndiana-11.4%$3.9 billionMining, quarrying, oil and gas exploration-2.8$46,877
Rhode IslandKent-0.5%$8.1 billionFinance and insurance-5.0$70,223
South CarolinaClarendon-7.2%$551.3 millionAgriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing-5.6$37,525
South DakotaPotter-50.3%$137.6 millionAgriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing-0.3$53,600
TennesseeUnicoi-13.1%$494.8 millionConstruction-5.6$39,851
TexasWheeler-43.6%$1.1 billionUtilities-1.1$49,352
UtahMillard-8.4%$773.8 millionAgriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing-0.8$60,445
VermontCaledonia-1.7%$1 billionMining, quarrying, oil and gas exploration-2.0$49,348
VirginiaHalifax-13.2%$1.3 billionEducational services-5.0$42,289
WashingtonFerry-1.8%$193.3 millionMining, quarrying, oil and gas exploration-1.8$41,924
West VirginiaBoone-46.2%$663.2 millionMining, quarrying, oil and gas exploration-3.5$38,642
WisconsinWaushara-5.9%$560.2 millionMining, quarrying, oil and gas exploration-5.1$51,195
WyomingJohnson-19.2%$439 millionConstruction-1.1$55,991

Source: 24/7 Wall St.